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I feel lucky I can write to you—you’re special to me!

October was a rockin’ busy month: three birthdays: my son’s (14th) and my sister’s (22nd) and mine (24th). Whew, lots of singing ‘happy birthday to you’ on & on, ad infinitum…. chachacha

My recent historical discoveries have been about word usage—archaic and ‘modern.’ Some ‘modern’ words were used in Nicklaus and Maria’s time, yet some ‘archaic’ words, you might still recognize. How about these?
-‘fain’- with pleasure (not to be confused with- ‘feign’- to pretend

-‘pal’- not so modern, used in the 1880s (Kumpel); as was ‘guy’ (Kerl)

-‘felicity’- happiness, this is probably recognizable

-‘dolent’- (archaic) sad or sorrowful

With holidays around the corner, I needed to know some Christmas traditions because I’m writing a holiday story.

It’s said that Martin Luther began the Christmas-tree tradition. Do you know what the Weihnachtsrose is? It’s a white, star-shaped flower, like a paper white but larger, that blooms in December. Do you know why children used to put their shoes by the fireplace on Dec. 6th? Because St. Nicholas put fruit, candy, and gifts in them. And, here’s a not-well-known tradition: when something ‘odd’ was hidden in the Christmas tree which everyone loved searching for. Answer: The Christmas Pickle! (Really! :>)


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