Ruby Moseley

Writerly Wramblings from Ruby – May 2023

May is one of my favorite months. It’s the weather…so unpredictable! We get torrential rains here in Central Texas, then hot weather, then of course we have a freeze. Never a dull moment!

But having so many cloudy days makes the unexpectedly bright days so worth celebrating. And we must have rain for the beautiful cascade of wildflowers that this area is known for. Bluebonnets, Indian paintbrush, and many others dot our landscape.

Writerly Wramblings from Ruby – April 2023

Aren’t you glad the weather is ‘sort of’ warming up? I’m encouraged that spring is coming! I received many compliments on the historical info I included in last month’s newsletter. So here’s more: There really are twelve historic churches in Cologne, Germany. They existed in the 1880s, when Nicklaus studied their Gothic and Romanesque architecture and woodcarvings.