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Writerly Wramblings from Ruby – May 2023

Hi! May is one of my favorite months. It’s the weather…so unpredictable! We get torrential rains here in Central Texas, then hot weather, then of course we have a freeze. Never a dull moment!

But having so many cloudy days makes the unexpectedly bright days so worth celebrating. And we must have rain for the beautiful cascade of wildflowers that this area is known for. Bluebonnets, Indian paintbrush, and many others dot our landscape.

Ruby Moseley in a flower field

Last month, I promised more historical trivia and I’m not letting you down. The first six churches I told you about were representative of the beauty/ history of all Cologne’s churches.

So, may we move on? >>>You may remember I wrote about this last year: One of the first precursors to todays’ modern two-wheeled bicycle was the velocipede that Nicklaus, the male protagonist in Etch of a Promise, bought in Strasbourg, France. That was historically the same period this model was constructed in France, but it’s disputed who was THE first to make it. The velocipede was made of wood, with iron tires. Very bumpy roads gave this bike the name: Boneshaker

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Velocipede made of wood

A reminder of how easy it is to enter a review on my Amazon sales page:
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I’ve been working steady—about 6 to 9 hours a day—to get Book 2 ready for publication. Etched on the Heart continues Book one’s story.

I’m so invested in this book. I’m learning more about writing, so I can better involve you in the themes of this book, which are:

Family reconciliation and personal growth.

Etched on the Heart is full of heart-wrenching womens’ issues and the adjustments and trials that families go through–patience and understanding are what a growing family needs to go on to the next step of their journey.

Here are two book descriptions I’ve been working on. Would you tell me which is better? #1? Or #2?

Nicklaus and Maria couldn’t be happier—his training’s complete, she’s found courage to make amends with her parents, and they’ve finally married. But morning sickness and ailing parents thwart their hopes for success, stability and marital happiness. Alone and depressed, Maria finally understands her deep longing for an education. But Nicklaus’s ambition and his wanderlust conflict with her overwhelming need for stability. If Maria adapts to Nicklaus’s need to travel, she must balance her emotions and find a way to keep her dream alive, especially since she’ll soon be a mother. ~~~

Four months of marriage. Three years of training. One bad fall. Maria’s ideal of married life and Nicklaus’s desire to start his career are both destroyed when his ailing father calls for his help. When Maria finds herself alone, sick and depressed, she recovers a buried dream for an education. But that wish fades with the discovery that she’s pregnant. Change is never easy, but how much change can one couple withstand? Nicklaus must choose between helping his parents or being by his wife’s side. Maria must live out her promise to her husband while enduring the turmoil of recurring depression. ~~~

You can receive a sample first chapter here.

Write me on the contact page of my website: Which book description do you like?

>>I’d really like to know what you’re doing, how you’re getting along, and what you think of the history in this newsletter. Really. An author needs to hear feedback from those who read. Leave a comment at OR email me:

Till then, take care!

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