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Photo #2: Bob and I enjoying German bier

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Our family went to Germany for a week in May and it was an awesome time! There are so many things to love about Deutschland. I thought you might like seeing some of our photos from the trip.

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Photo #1: Koln Cathedral interiorPhoto #1: Koln Cathedral interior

Photo #2: Bob and I enjoying German bierPhoto #2: Bob and I enjoying German beer

Photo #3: A look down the Rud River/Manschau village in the mountainsPhoto #3: A look down the Rud River/Manschau village in the mountains

Photo #4: The lookouts of Fort Paul in Volksgarten ParkPhoto #4: The lookouts of Fort Paul in Volksgarten Park

Photo #5: A cow (of many) grazing in front of a wind turbine (of many)Photo #5: A cow (of many) grazing in front of a wind turbine (of many)

These few images tell just a tiny story of the good things we saw in Germany. I say ‘good’ in contrast to impressive, which are numerous, like castles, the Rhine River, Cologne, the countryside.

I mean, good, good things we saw and enjoyed. All that ‘good’ entails. Like, kind people—on the streets, in the eateries, in the stores, on the road. Miles and miles of clear skies and clean air. Public drinking water is highly regulated to protect its quality, ensuring that it’s healthy and safe. Oh!—it tasted so good. Good tasting water!

Grocery racks with locally grown and organic produce, milk, juices, meats. Magazine stands with no nudity. No angry tourists. Prosperous stores and businesses with happy people working in them.

Germany, for me, was a place where you didn’t look for milk raised on grass, that’s all they had. People drank to enjoy each other, no drunkenness, no loud profanities. Wind turbines as far as you could see, sending green energy to local homes in the region sharing the earth with plush, verdant crops of rapeseed and other grains.

Now we’re home and I’m making headway on Book #2: Etched on the Heart, which is set in Berlin and Luxembourg. Much accurate history and culture that I’m excited to share with you. If you’d like to read the first chapters, go to my website.

(These chapters are in addition to the one at the end of Etch of a Promise.)


Temperatures are so abnormally high for everyone, so I want to share my iced tea secret. I enjoy blending tea flavors, like green tea with orange, or mint with black. Throw two to six in a pitcher, add clear water and place on the patio or stairs in direct sunlight. In an hour or so, bring it in, pour over ice. Voila! A fresh iced drink—sun tea. Ah, enjoy!

Till next time, God bless!

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