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Writerly Wramblings from Ruby – April 2023

Hey there!

Aren’t you glad the weather is ‘sort of’ warming up? I’m encouraged that spring is coming!

I received many compliments on the historical info I included in last month’s newsletter.

So here’s more: There really are twelve historic churches in Cologne, Germany. They existed in the 1880s, when Nicklaus studied their Gothic and Romanesque architecture and woodcarvings.

>>>Here are just a few of them. (I’ll mention the others next month.)

St. Severin – built in the late 4th century (that’s 400AD folks!)

St. Cecilia-dates back to 1130AD

St. Pantaleon-built on top of Roman ruins in 980AD

Antonite Church (or Antonitekirche in German)-built around 1350AD

Cathedral Gross St. Martin-constructed upon ruins of a Roman chapel circa 960AD

Cologne Cathedral (Köln Dom)-began in 1248, not completed until 1880 (interior image below)

Inside Cologne Cathedral

After you’ve taken your time perusing this awesome German history and culture, I want to divert to a subject that all writers dream about: reviews of their books.

We all know life gets busy. When a reader offers to write a review in exchange for a free book or ebook—and they haven’t–I know it’s because they’ve gotten busy. It happens!

I only gently remind these readers how important that review is to me as a new author. The competition on Amazon cannot be exaggerated—it’s more than massive.

The only thing that makes someone take a chance on a new author’s book—besides a great cover and book description–is when they see other people’s reviews. That’s what statistics say.

It’s about how many reviews there are, not how super-duper they are. I only ask my readers to be honest. Honestly, I’d love all five stars, but it’s not as important as the number of reviews.

Here’s just how easy a review is:

Search Amazon books for Ruby M Holder, Etch of a Promise.

Then scroll past ‘other readers liked this’ and you’ll find ‘reviews’.

Here are the four steps … 1- Did you like the book?

2- What did you like about it?

3- Would you recommend it?

4- How many stars would you rate it (from 1 to 5)?

>>>You can also see these steps on a YouTube video. (use the link or put in the browser address)

I really appreciate you reading this, because it’s a little uncomfortable for me. But my friends on this newsletter list are the best that friendship has to offer!

Thanks so much to those who have left reviews. Here’s a big shout-out for the most recent ones: a big thanks to D. Hinesly, T. Hickert, and J. Graff.

I need a lot more reviews for the 100-review goal Amazon says I need. To those who have read or are reading Etch of a Promise: my deepest gratitude. You are witnessing my dream come true. Nicklaus and Maria are fashioned after my great-grandparents. Although the details of their lives are purely fictional, they’re written with love. I’m so happy about your interest in the book.

Oh! Book 2 of The Carpenter’s Legacy is in the works right now! Etched on the Heart continues the story from book one. I know you’ll love it. Order the sample first chapter here.

Write me on the contact pg of my website:

Till then, take care!

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