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The biggest thing so far…
and Update about Etched on the Heart and My Pet

Ruby and family Apr-2024

Hi there and Happy Spring!

I’m sure every one of you were as astounded as I was (and I still am!) by the spectacle of our Sun and Moon aligning to produce an eclipse on April 8th! What an amazing and unforgettable experience!

We’ve had the coolest weather! It feels strange to call it the spring, with evening temps of 45 and daytime highs of 68…. Hey>>I thought this was Central Texas, not Alaska!

Update about Etched on the Heart

Etched on the Heart is coming along just great; my fingers are back to the keyboard again. As they say, “life happens.” I’m ready for 2024 to smooth out like a starched business shirt!

PET STORIES: My pet story this month is about our surviving pooch, Jack. He’s a big Golden Retriever weighing about 80 pounds. He’s so afraid of any weather: wind, lightning, thunder, rain. He’s like the Lion of Wizard of Oz, who appears so fierce, with long, pointed teeth, sharp claws and a loud bark. But he’s startled by any small noise!

He’s renewing his sense of identity, since his pack leader, Sandy, crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He’s now #One Pooch. Sandy’s memory roams freely in our home—her palette and bowl are in their usual places. I still long to look into her golden-green eyes, beaming with true, deep doggy love and for her little tongue to lick my calf.

Hey, would you write and tell me about the wonderful things your pets do? We are so nurtured by their love and relieved with just the look of acknowledgment of their big eyes.

MOTHER’S DAY SALE: Etch of a Promise is being discounted for Mother’s Day! Signed and mailed (with a secret surprise.) Your mom or grandma will delight in escaping to an unknown time and place in 1880s Germany.

It’s only $22, which includes postage, now until May 5th (so we can get them delivered in time). Click here:

NEWS: The newsletter is now delivered from my website. I don’t exactly know what that entails, but when you read the rest of the newsletter, you’ll be on my website and can look around. News about Book Two will be coming soon. Many ‘beta readers’ are sifting through the 300-something pages to scout out the weird, unexplained and the foggy to help me produce a book with detailed descriptions of the Charlottenburg Castle, the meadows and hillsides of inner Germany from the windows of the first steam-engine trains, to gaping at the sky-scraping bridges of quaint, lovely Luxembourg City. Keep watching for a special pre-order and launch.

ETCHED ON THE HEART. For family reasons, Nicklaus boards the cross-country train multiple times in only six months, exhausting himself. Maria however, is the one who really has her work cut out for her but needs him home. Find out how this newlywed couple navigate the demands of family loyalty and deal with loneliness of being apart from each other.

Warm wishes,

If you’d help me by being an early reader, I’d gift you one of the first copies as soon as they’re printed. Just email me. It would be so appreciated! Jack will be sitting by the computer, alerting me of the notifications.

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