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Reptiles, Starch, and second time around

Bearded dragon
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Hi there, my book-loving friend!

May is upon us and it is…..
“Get Caught Reading Month.” As for me, I’m reading Tinkers, by Paul Harding for the 2nd time.
Why a second time, you might ask?

It’s because Harding uses such vivid and emotionally-charged words to describe circumstances and the inevitable trials of life. The author is skilled in building a sense of surprise or emergency in his story about a door-to-door, horse-and-wagon salesman in 1920s rural America. Desolate conditions, poverty, isolation, illness and despair.

What we would do if we had a debilitating illness, like the father who wants to be a good provider? How would we deal with the isolation and overwhelm, like the protective wife and mother, who wants to shield the children from worrying about the future? This book is so full of lessons on writing styles, I just might use some of his techniques. :>)

What book have you read more than once, or, that you’re reading now? Let’s chat about it.

~~~ * ~~~

STARCH FOR WRINKLES? Last month I said, “I’m ready for 2024 to smooth out like a starched shirt!” It came down to putting the iron to it. Oh, it’ll happen…I’m still working on it.
It’s been said that “we’re either in a crisis or getting out of one or a new one is coming.” I guess when we let those crises teach us, then we keep learning and finding a reason for gratitude.

~~~ * ~~~

PET STORY: Our family is down to two pets now ☹ How many do you have? Some people have five or more. Sorry, can’t do that! But here’s a surprise: I have a reptile-friend.

When son Jakob got a good job and moved to his own apartment, he left his four-legged, long-tailed pet in his cage, looking lonely and hungry. Aww. What was I supposed to do then? Feed him! Right?! And then let him work his way into my good graces.

He’s a four-year-old ‘citrus’ bearded dragon. He’s a pretty yellow-orange color, rather than typical lizardish-beige/brown. He looks like a lizard, but he has that beard, the chin & neck area, that can expand and change color to black if he’s not happy. That’s pretty frightful and not pretty at all. But bearded dragons use them mainly for defense when they’re threatened.

Yoshi’s beard can puff up and turn black (yuck!), but he doestn’t let it happen much, only turning it black on a sour morning. He’s so docile, he sits on my shoulder as I go about the house. Succumbing to his mild ways, I’ve let the mellow, yellow fellow build a cave in my heart. :>)

As always, I yearn to hear from you because I enjoy your comments and snippets of your own life so very much! Don’t despair, book two news is coming soon. Till then, with love…


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