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Here’s something good to read! Etch of a Promise is featured on Reading Nook’s bookstagram site, along with her interview with me. It was such fun! Check out this active link:

Spring is turning out to be very exciting! >>>>I republished Etch of a Promise then, I gave it a new cover. Don’t worry! It’s the same loveable story of Nicklaus and Maria. Just a new, more “market-savvy” cover and I’m in control of my book publication choices now.

>>>>Did you know that Etch of a Promise ebook is available on Kindle Unlimited!! Yay!

>>>>I’ll be running an e-book promotion soon and will let you know.  If you have a friend who’s expressed interest in Etch, then by all means send them to KU. And anyone can order on my website. I’ll mail it to them with my signatured greeting inside.

>>>>I want to share about this great author, M.C. Fox, whom I’ve come to know as an awesome person. Her mystery, called Captain America has won several awards. If you love mysteries, you’ll want to read it. Try it on Kindle and enjoy!

>>>>I’ve noticed many successful people include their pets in their monthly newsletters, so I thought I’d give you a snapshot of ours. We all love ‘em, right? I’ve had cats, dogs, fish, turtles, even snakes and, yes, bearded dragons. I never told you about my girl, Sandy, before. She was a fourteen-year-old rescued Golden Retriever, who chased rabbits and squirrels and kept track of all cooking projects as our very own ‘sous chef’. Crumbs on the floor never sat there long, because she was a good vacuum cleaner. She followed me from room to room and licked my legs when I came home, as if to say she’d missed me. She was an ardent dreamer, barking and moving her feet as she chased ‘things’ in her dreams. I didn’t know dogs dreamed that much!

Sadly, a couple of weeks ago, she had to cross the “Rainbow Bridge” because her health was really bad. She was a sick doggy. I wanted to share about Sandy, because she was our pack-leader and my sweet, smart companion for fourteen years. Now, her co-hort, another Golden Retriever named Jack, has taken over in her paw steps as the #1 pooch. He’s a bit lost without Sandy, right now, but he’s begun to chase squirrels again. More on this timid giant next month.

The Right to Writing:  You may find that writing can fill many needs. Do you need a place to reveal a secret that can never be spoken or acknowledged? Do you want to bring to life an idea or a dream, that only exists somewhere in your heart? Do you need to debrief and rant about something that’s maddening, or just a product of an overthinking mind?

Just set a pen or pencil on the surface of a piece of plain notebook paper or fancy stationery. Whatever your tools, you can celebrate an idea or kill the demons of sadness or anger. Even your pain, in the midst of the worst, is soothed—on the page. You may treasure those words of reflection and health or throw the whole damning thing into the fire. Whichever brings you resolution, gratitude, clarity or comfort is part of the rightness of writing.

For this wordsmith, writing is also a way to sort out emotions. Seeing them, not quite heard ‘out loud’, another ‘me’ can see, hear and understand them in a new, original way. Writing something down can engrave it in your mind. Like a list, a name, a birthday, or a phone number. Or eulogize a feeling that’s too important to let go without giving it space to exist.

Warm hugs,

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