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The Big Cake: want a slice behind the scenes?

Ruby Moseley, the author of a historical fiction

Hey there,

Have I said how much I appreciate you? Yes? Oh, well, let me say it again…. Thank you for your friendship and taking the time to read this!

I’ve thought for a while of letting you see “behind the scenes” of a writer’s life. I’m excited to share it and all the fun I’ve been having. I pursue these facets below so that my book is enjoyable, inspiring, and may offer a mirror for other’s lives.

When reading, a person may learn ways to deal with life. I strive to offer some nugget that helps someone who might feel lost, unseen, or desperate. Literature has that power. Let me know what you think of this. Do it resonate with you?

The actual writing is the part I enjoy the most, but there are many other things that must also be taken care of: book marketing, publicity, promotions, social media.

I have republished Etch of a Promise. The original publishers weren’t a good fit. I changed the subtitle to: a historical fiction novel with a love story. Plus, you can see the new cover if you go to my Amazon sales page.

Various programs, applications, formatting, and uploading are parts of technology that take many hours for me to learn, and slowly.

I have friends who help. Jignesh Bhalsod from JigB Digital helps with this newsletter. I also depend on a group online that counsel writers how to improve the reach of the book. I’m grateful for this assistance.

The writing life is like a big, tasty cake: public relations: I donate my book to bookstores, libraries, coffee shops and senior homes and feel good about sharing it with those who are resting, waiting, or lonely.

I have some publicity events. One, a virtual blog tour is coming up this spring by The Coffee Pot Book Club. I’ll discuss my book with a dozen book bloggers.


I want to be sure to mention how important beta readers are for a writer. They make suggestions to improve the story, by reading my first drafts.

If you’d consider beta reading, you’d be the first to read Book 2, Etched on the Heart as well as a holiday novella, Let the Christmas Fun Begin. They’re both full of 1880s history, women’s issues, immigration, and of course a certain love story between Nicklaus and Maria.

Let me know if you’re interested! I’d be delighted to welcome you to the team! You’ll always get my response when writing to my personal email:

I loved bringing these “behind the scenes” activities. I hope this inside look was sweet and that you’ll want to dive in with me. But beware, you get cake icing on your chin!

Always sending hugs and keeping you in my prayers,



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