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Picture of Ruby Moseley for June 2022 NewsletterHey, there!

It’s so hot outside that if you’re reading this in the sunshine, please go inside. We don’t want you melting on the sidewalk!

I’m sending this less-than-complimentary photo to lighten the mood. (Sometimes the heat can make us grumpy, right?) Ach, but then, we are never grumpy! Except when perspiration gets in my eyes; then I’m not a happy camper.

I hope you don’t mind that this month’s newsletter is a bit short. I’m giving you a break from my ‘wramblings.’ (Just don’t get used to it :>) You’ll need a full dose next month, so don’t fret. I’m on it!

Book One, Etch of a Promise, is currently in the process of formatting. Then the cover will be designed next. Then I’ll make a formal announcement of when the book will be tangible. In print. I might run down the street shouting on that day!! (So, did you say you’re glad you don’t live on my street?)

My NEWS is that Book Two already has 52,000 words on its pages. Is that incredible? During the lockdown, I did A LOT of writing. So I’m already halfway finished with it. You are seriously going to love the story that moves to Berlin and then on to Luxembourg!


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Psst! I’m not just rambling when I tell you this news: Just share the opportunity to read the first chapter of Etch of a Promise with your friends, and you’ll be entered into a drawing! The prize will be a great historical fiction book (guess which great book) and a little chocolate and coffee to enjoy while you’re reading. Show him/her the QR code, or my website has the offer right on the front page: Just let me know which friend you shared with. They’ll get my newsletter as well.

I hope you’re having a great summer!

Warm wishes and big hugs,


P.S. ‘Writerly Wramblings’ is a once-a-month email. As a subscriber, you might be asked to vote on the best cover for Etch of a Promise. As soon as the proofs are ready I’ll email them out to everyone.

Although I’d hate for you to unsubscribe, the link to do so is at the bottom of each newsletter. But I hope you’ll stick around, cheer me on and enjoy this ‘debut novel’ adventure with me!

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I am a historical fiction author, mental health advocate, and blogger. I recently released my first book in the historical fiction series, Etch of a Promise, in November 2022. To read a free chapter, go to

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