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The temperatures here in Round Rock are already breaking records, as I’ll bet they are in your area. If you’re looking to keep cool, be sure you get all the schedules of the pools near your house. :>)

I want to be honestI feel terrible about Etch of a Promise not being available to you yet. But Covid slowed down the process of editing and took much longer than it normally would’ve taken. Their offices were probably under-staffed with sicknesses.

Now that I’m working on the cover design with the printers, we are on our way! Whew! I’m already half-finished with Book Two, so it should follow Book One in only a few months.


Etch of a Promise is a historical romance, in which I point out the differences between that era and today. ‘Courting etiquette’ was much different. Nicklaus and Maria were chastised for kissing in a public park! And when they were seen going to a farm together, gossip and accusations made life difficult for these two lovebirds.

But this story isn’t only about their romance. It’s about Nicklaus’s dream and his ambition—to become a Master Carpenter. He made huge sacrifices for that dream. But when he met Maria, he admired her inner strength. The story is also about building self-confidence, which we can all relate to.


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I was surprised that I loved reading historical fiction! I just picked out books that appealed to me. True stories, survival stories, even memoirs. I realized that I love getting into their shoes and re-living the conditions that these people lived in.


From my bookshelf of favorites, here’s my May book recommendation: Hazel Gaynor’s The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter is a moving story about a family isolated as keepers of the lighthouse and how one tragic night throws the daughter into the limelight as a heroine because she risks her life to save many people from drowning. It’s a wonderful true story of family togetherness, humility, and unrequited love.


Psst! I’m not just rambling when I tell you this news: when you share Etch of a Promise with your friends, you’ll be entered in a drawing! You’ll get a copy of a great historical fiction book (the title is a secret) and a little chocolate and coffee to enjoy while you’re reading.


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I am a historical fiction author, mental health advocate, and blogger. I recently released my first book in the historical fiction series, Etch of a Promise, in November 2022. To read a free chapter, go to

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  1. I can’t wait for your book to be published. I know you have many fans and their numbers will grow without a doubt. Just remember I may have admired you the longest…since First Grade my sweet friend. So very proud of you. May God bless you and yours.

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