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Hello, dear friends!

It’s been hectic, helping people find Etch of a Promise—by keeping up with social media, donating books, and planning speaking events.

But I’m never too busy to reach out to you, my core group of friends. I appreciate you so much!

This newsletter has inside information on Nicklaus and his artistic passion for woodcarving. He seeks to understand all things about construction and building as a carpenter, studying the churches of Cologne. But he desires a special talent for woodcarving.

Nicklaus wears a traditional journeyman costume which identified him to local townspeople as he walked around Germany, learning from other carpenters about special techniques.

When he sees T. Riemenschneider’s famous woodcarving from the 15th century, he challenges himself to replicate it. He buys the design sketches from a festival vendor so he can make one himself.

T. Riemenschneider was a real-life 15th-century woodcarver who made carvings with very life-like detail. Etch of a Promise is based on true events but is still fiction—historical fiction.

I hope you love this trivia! I was compelled to create the character of Nicklaus, who was enthralled with beauty, like T.R. and like me!

Till next month,

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