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Here is a Gift Especially for You

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Howdy, all good friends and buddies!

Aren’t you happy that fall has arrived? I love it when the trees change and the leaves crunch under my feet. So, I say: ‘Come on, winds!’ Oh, wait—we’ll probably soon say, that it’s too cold! Right? Then we’ll wish summer would come again! hahaha

In this month’s newsletter, I am sending you—my special friends, who’ve encouraged me through this—another special gift. It’s the next chapter of the Novella. I have had some doubts about this writing. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to express them.

The Novella is actually a ‘prequel’, meaning that the time period that it occurred is before Book One, Etch of a Promise.

I know you’ll like it! It’s 1884, Maria is 16 and a normal young teen in this part. This will whet your appetite for Etch of a Promise, which is coming soon, where she finds happiness and purpose!

At that time, I’ll email you, so you’ll be the first to know! The pre-order phase of the book release starts then too. Note: I have a special box of goodies as a gift for your pre-order.

Click on this link to get the second chapter of the Novella

PS. As I write this, a new cover designer is working on the cover for Etch of a Promise! I’m so excited! I had to let you know, that it will not be long now….woohoo

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I am a historical fiction author, mental health advocate, and blogger. I recently released my first book in the historical fiction series, Etch of a Promise, in November 2022. To read a free chapter, go to

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