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Hey there, reading buddies!

If you don’t already know me, let me introduce myself. I’m Ruby! We may have met at an event or known each other from high school, church, etc. Whichever, I’m delighted to connect with you! I’m a ‘baby boomer,’ a mom of six kiddos, and I’m married to a number-crunching accountant.

Writing has been a vital part of every phase of my life. I’ve been published in chapbooks and magazines; placed in contests; and learned from evening classes, online courses, conferences, and webinars. I’m a monthly contributor to a local magazine!

But, you know, I never thought I could write a book or imagine that I could finish one! :>( However, I’m thrilled to announce my debut novel: Etch of a Promise. It’s a historical fiction love story set in 1880s Germany, to be released in early 2022. I’ve worked so hard on this book! I wanted it to be historically accurate but still enjoyable, so I wound fictional details with the facts of living in that era of time.


Nicklaus, a traveling carpenter apprentice, comes to Cologne, Germany, to study architecture. Success and career are the priority, so he won’t let himself get involved. But he begins to learn that love is more important than success when he meets Maria, whose past has left her with anxiety, distrust, and self-hatred. They begin to navigate through their stubborn personalities until an accusation brings their integrity into question. Everything Nicklaus has worked for is jeopardized. The Carpenters’ Union Komitee will decide if he can be certified.

Etch of a Promise chronicles the everyday struggles of those early immigrants. Why they left their homeland, how they survived a 2-week ocean voyage, and the challenges of adapting to America’s culture. This story is likely similar to your own family’s history.


It’s the first book in a five-book series that spans the 1880s to the 1940s. From Germany & immigration to ‘turn-of-the-century Chicago; stagecoach travel & West Texas, tuberculosis sanitoriums, the Mexican War & polio; finally the Depression and the Roaring Twenties! Whew, that’s a lot of exciting stuff in every book!


A book without readers is a lonely story if you ask me! So, I’m betting you’ll find the first chapter so engaging you’ll want to read more! If you haven’t gotten the free chapter yet, there’s a link on my website to sign up for it — Thanks so much for your interest! I’d love to hear what you think of the story!


Reading historical fiction has helped me understand the drama and beauty of people’s lives from the past – what I’d call heritage. That’s why I like knowing about good books. Here’s a recommendation I’d like you to know about:

Across Five Aprils is one of those excellent historical fiction books that will deeply inspire you, just as it did me. It’s a classic–the tale of a Southern boy growing up during the Civil War era. It’ll bless your socks off! Plus, I like that it’s a short book. :>)


How about a fun historical fact? For instance, did you know that chamber pots were usually emptied onto the dirt road because so little was known about sanitation in the 1880s? Combined with horse manure from the primary mode of transportation and – ugh–the stench must have been awful!


Dear friend, I hope you enjoyed this first newsletter! I’ll be sending a ‘Writerly Wramblings’ once a month. If you’re game, I would love your feedback when we work on cover design. Then, there are always points in the story that need help. So stay tuned!

Lastly, I’d love to hear about you and how you’re faring during this new normal! Send me a comment on the ‘About Ruby’ page on the website. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Warm wishes and big hugs,


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I am a historical fiction author, mental health advocate, and blogger. I recently released my first book in the historical fiction series, Etch of a Promise, in November 2022. To read a free chapter, go to

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