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Hey there!

School starts for most all students next week, but wait. I thought the summer would never end. It was like “Groundhog Day” where we never got out of summer! Yikes!


I promised I’d send you the mockups of the book covers and I did receive them from the designer, but they’re not exactly what I wanted. So, I really need your opinion, especially if you’re a book-lover, and you know what makes an attractive cover. *Sigh* Such are the “hurry-up-and-waits” of publishing a book!

Oh, you may wonder about the “book” with a bench on my website. That was a mockup.

Here are the concepts I’ve been thinking about:

  1. A moon over a blue background, title on top
  2. A beige map of Germany, subtly outlined behind the title
  3. A girl’s profile looking at a tree, beige background
  4. A bench with leaves, title at the bottom

When you email me ( with your choice, I’ll send a picked-out-just-for-you gift! It’ll be a book-related goody and a special herbal tea. I have faith that, with your help, we’ll decide on a killer cover!!


If you’re receiving this for the first time, Click here to learn more about me. 


By the way, you can find me on InstaGram: @rubymoseleyholder. And, many of you are in touch through Facebook. It’s fun to keep up with y’all! Feel free to email me, at Hey, did you get a vacation this summer? We visited Chicago (older daughter) and Carlsbad, NM (younger daughter) We loved seeing them. I hope yours was great!

With warm wishes and big hugs,


P.S. Because you’ve stayed connected—as I’ve finished writing the book, then the endless edits, and now picking a cover—I want to convey my heartfelt thanks—by sending the first chapter of the novella I just finished. It’s Etch of a Promise’s prequel and takes place when Maria is younger. I know you’ll find it special! Happy reading!

Click on this link to get the first chapter of the Novella

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I am a historical fiction author, mental health advocate, and blogger. I recently released my first book in the historical fiction series, Etch of a Promise, in November 2022. To read a free chapter, go to

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