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Eached on the Heart Book Cover 25-Oct-2023

About the Books

About the Book

The Carpenter’s Legacy Historical Fiction 5-book Series

follows fictional characters from Cologne, Germany in 1884 to Wisconsin USA in the 1930s.

Themes explored in the books are: Nineteenth century German history, women’s conditions during that time, family resilience, overcoming depression and social limitations.

A wandering carpenter chances upon a distraught woman on the cusp of self-harm. Nicklaus must later choose between his lifetime career goals and the love he has for Maria, a woman caught in a struggle to overcome regret, rejection and social limitations.
Inspired by the heroism of the individuals of the Era of Immigration and the stories of her own immigrant ancestors,
Ruby M. Holder weaves reconciliation, forgiveness and emotional healing into accurate historical and cultural details of the late 1880’s, including German language idioms and phrases.

Editorial/Reader Reviews

Reader Review from W. Hagenow, TX

I loved the colorful characters Nicklaus meets and the beautiful love story that transpires between Nicklaus and Maria. Ruby’s use of imagery made me feel as if I were a part of the journey.

W. Hagenow, Round Rock, TX


Reader Review by M. Walker, TX

Etch of a Promise is an engaging story, rich in the history and geographic detail of Germany in 1886. I was transported to another time and place and caught familiar glimpses of myself as I grew to love the main characters, Nicklaus and Maria. Their inner journeys take them toward an understanding of human nature, giving them the strength to weather the obstacles to building their future together.

Readers will find Ruby M. Holder’s first novel captivating as it explores the universal themes of love, family, forgiveness and overcoming challenges.

M. Walker, Pflugerville, TX

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